Fancy Gift Ideas

Fancy Gift Ideas

“Giving to Others will not take away from what you have, but will add to your Life!”

Gifting is Something that some of us Love, some of us care about, and some think of it as a responsibility. Giving Gifts to someone should always be a gesture of how much you love that person and never burden you! But in the Busy life we all are in, sometimes we tend to forget our loved ones’ memorable days! We fail to gift them Something they love and often come up with bad ideas. Gifting is the essence of caring, and that should always come from within! One most important thing about gifts is that the Gifts we give to the person should be loved by them and not us. I may love playing a video game, and I cannot randomly gift it to my Father just because I love it! I have to think about what he loves and what he expects from us!

Gifting Ideas for Women
Gifting Ideas for Men
Gifting Ideas for Teens
Gifting Ideas for Kids

Some of us can get pretty confused about what should the ideal gift be? Do we start going to shops and asking for a recommendation on whether your loved one would love that one? But how can they decide what you want to gift your favorite person? So the best option left is to determine the perfect gift for that person. Gift selection is never too easy, especially when it comes to men! Some love Video Games, some love to read books, and some don’t like both. So there should be a specialized gifting buddy for all people, who will suggest gifting ideas for men and women. Selecting gifts for women and adjusting the wide variety of colors and choices can make you ultimately bang your head! But we love you, and here we are, your gifting friend. We will help you with great ideas to never fail to give the most awaited gift of the night!

Gifting Ideas for Women:


Women nowadays are more concerned about their Comfort than anything else. So to gift her what she exactly loves is your motive. Gift her a pair of Pajamas. 2020 was a year where we all had been locked in our houses, and what better gift than a couple of comfy pajamas to wear at home? She would love them!

Starting Price: Rs.600/-

Hair Products:

If your loved one loves to Style up their Hair, you must gift her some Hair Products like Straightener or Curler of Drier or Something like a set of her Favorite brand products to pamper her Hair!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-


Sets of Nozzles

Some women love cooking and Baking; then your option becomes simple and easy! You Have to gift her some fantastic crockeries, and if she is into Baking, give her some baking molds r even piping bags, and a set of Nozzles. She would love them all!

Starting Price: Rs.200/-


Yoga Mat

Is your Woman a Fitness Freak? Then we got your back! We have some fantastic yoga mat ideas and even some great supplements. You can even surprise her by buying her an annual membership to her favorite gym. You can give her a wide range of Yoga pants for all her Yoga days too!

Starting Price: Rs.400/-

Fit bands or Smartwatches

Technology is a part of our daily living, and the Love of your life loves getting the best of tech! Then here you go, gift her some great Fit bands or Smartwatches. Even wireless Ear pods are great for gifting!

Starting Price: Rs.3000/-


Some women are happy with small things. If she is minimalist, then gifting her a neckpiece or even jewelry can engrave your name in her heart forever! Do you want to miss that chance? No right?

Starting Price: Rs.300/-

Amazon Kindle

Book reading is a part of many of our routines. You can gift the Woman your Favorite Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. She will love the idea of the reading book in a contemporary style, and who knows, you might end up getting a kiss from her?

Starting Price: Rs.7999/-

Annual Subscription of Fav. Web Channel

Does the Love of your life love stay home? Watch Netflix and Chill? Then, nothing can be better than gifting her an annual subscription to her favorite online Wed channel and a Home Theater. She can enjoy her favorite shows there, and you can get a high appreciation from her!

Starting Price: Rs.999/- per year

Gravity Blanket

Lazy people can be great people! Yes, this is true. If she loves being lazy, then we have a gift suggestion for that as well. Gift her the all-talked-about Gravity Blanket and get all the Love from her. This blanket is cozy and makes you feel warm and comfortable, just what she wants!

Starting Price: Rs.1000/-

Digital Photo frame

Finally, the Photo lovers! Girls love the idea of clicking, preserving, and rewinding those photos. So gift her a great Digital Photo frame where she can keep pictures of her favorite persons in life, and who knows you end up having a photo with her in the frame?

Starting Price: Rs.1000/-

Gifting Ideas for Men:

Gifting Men what they love can be a whole lot of task, and that’s why we have your back. These are some quick helps for you to select the best gift for your Man!

Portable Campfire

Gift your Man a Portable Campfire! Yes, you heard it right, a portable Campfire that is portable to make sure that he doesn’t have to spend long hours cleaning the mess created post Campfire, and it gives more burn time.

Starting Price: Rs.2000/-

Sleep aid device

Buy him a Sleep aid device for better sleep at night. He might be snoring, and that may cause troubles for him as well as you. So he might stay awake all through the night! Avoid such commotions and gift him the device that makes him sleep before he thinks about Sleeping

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

Three in One Charging Stand

A Three in One Charging Stand can cause Wonders for him. Once he is back from the office, he feels lazy to charge his Ear pods, phone, and Watch separately; gift him this great device that charges three things in one go! No problems with late-night charging and forgetting about the setting!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

Hookey Ring Toss game

Boredom hits you hard, especially when you are working from home. Gift your Man a Hookey Ring Toss game to avoid that boredom. Once he is over with his chores, he can play this indoor game, and he would love it!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

11 in 1 Credit Card Tool

Have you heard about the new 11 in 1 Credit Card Tool? It is slim and can be easily kept in his Wallet. This tool works in 11 ways as a bottle opener, screwdriver, saw, ruler, wrench, and more.

Starting Price: Rs.200/-

A kit of his favorite Hot Sauces

Hot Sauce and Men have a deep connection. Researches prove that men love their hot sauces and that 70% of men cant find the exact hot sauce he is seeing. Now here comes your role. Berge into his Taste buds and buy him a kit of his favorite hot sauces. He can make his y improvising it to how exactly he likes it!

Morse Code Band

Romantic Behaviors have many significant display factors like gifting a Shirt or a Wallet or a Photo frame. But Morse Code Band is Something that is secretly yours. You can encrypt a special message for him in the Morse code band and gift it to him so that your Love can always sway him anywhere.

Starting Price: Rs.200/-

Electric Grill Pan

Some men love cooking, and if he is passionate about it, then Electric Grill Pan will be Something he dreams of. Why don’t you gift him this Grill pan and become his Favorites your man Love Movies? Watching old Hindi movies are his favorite? Mini Projector can be a game-changer here. Gifting him, this can set up his Football nights, and believe me; Footballs are somethings they are mad about!

Starting Price: Rs.2000/-

Gifting Ideas for Teens:

Teens nowadays are Smart and super Intelligent. So if you are finding gifts for a teen, you have to be careful about what you are giving him/her. This is the age of getting into new stuff and discovering the world. So it would help if you think twice before gifting that Teen a slippery path for her future. We are here to guide you through the gifting section of teens!

Bubble Tea Set

Gift Him/Her a Bubble Tea Set! Teens these days are addicted to the Ice Coffee served by Bubble Tea, and this kit comes with a DIY with it. With this kit, they can make some cool stuff.

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp is Something Teens would love to decorate in their Rooms. Although we always don’t have the Moon or the Mum to make them asleep. Especially when the Mum is Working, and the Moon is Dull! We have this lamp to give them a soothing vibe so that they fall asleep very fast!

Starting Price: Rs.400/-

Monthly Period Box

An excellent gift for Teen Girls is the Monthly Period Box. She is new to the cycle and doesn’t know everything she will go through those days of the month. This box will have absorbent Pads and Masks for her Aces and many other dos and don’ts to make her aware.

Starting Price: Rs.2500/-

100 Scratch-off Movie/Cartoon Poster

Kids are great with movies and films and cartoons, so your task gets easy here gift him/her a 100 Scratch-off Movie/Cartoon Poster. He/She can scratch off the box of that movie/cartoon which he has completed. It will be fun!

Starting Price: Rs.200/-

One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Suppose your Teen Loves to do DIY of dyeing shirts at home. Then One-Step Tie-Dye Kit will be best for him/her. He/She can do any shirt, pants and dye them according to their will. Amazing right? Make sure she/he doesn’t stain his/her Father’s Office trousers! Then you will get a Multi complaint phone call or visit soon! Wink!

Starting Price: Rs.300/-

Goal Getter Notebook

Setting a goal is as important as working towards it. Tell your Teen you have life goals that make her/him a complete person. To help him/her sort out what he/she loves in life, give him/her a Goal Getter Notebook. He/she must use it!

Starting Price: Rs.99/-

Cable Protector

Teenage is the correct age of getting attracted to all things fancy, and we have noticed most teenagers hate when their Charger Cables get fragile and break up. Here’s a solution you can gift him/her a Cable Protector that is quirky and comes in beautiful shapes and will surely catch these cuties’!

Starting Price: Rs.300/-

Washable Silk Scrunchies

Washable Silk Scrunchies is a love for every Girl Teenager! They love wearing it with a ponytail or even wearing it on their wrist. It increases the Style quotient of them in the friend’s circle, and you can be the Star gifter by gifting her this!

Starting Price: Rs.199/-

Dart with the board

Dart is the Favorite game for many teenagers; even grownups can’t resist the fun of Dart. So here you can gift your favorite teenager a game of Dart with the board and the Darts. He/she can play it once they are done with their Studies!

Starting Price: Rs.600/-

Pack of his/her favorite stickers

Teenage and Stickers have a deep, deep connection. You can build this connection of their Love for the sticker just by gifting them a fabulous pack of his/her favorite stickers. Be it Cartoon or even their favorite idol or just quotes. They can stick them on the books, the water bottle and everywhere actually!

Starting Price: Rs.300/-

Gifting Ideas for Kids:

Next up is the Kids Section. Kids love to color, and they hardly know about anything in the world, so it becomes our duty to make them familiar with stuff that they would require in life, skills that will set their mindset in the correct directions. Kids and toys are well connected, and we always end up giving kids toys that they love. But it’s already the 21st Century; kids now are intelligent and witty. So let’s see some of the Gifting ideas for them.

Annual Subscription to his/her favorite books

Books are the first step towards learning great things. So you can gift your Kid an annual subscription to his/her favorite book. Tell him to read it and make him understand the worth of a great book.

Starting Price: Rs.1000/-

Bag of Blocks

Does your Kid always look out for buildings? Who knows if he/she will be an architect one day? So you need to help in that imagination. To do so, you may gift him/her a bag full of blocks and see from behind the curtains what he/she does with them!

Starting Price: Rs.300/-

Bowling kit

All generations and all age groups love bowling. So why not gift the kids of today a set of Bowling kits. Which they can use at home for indoor playing and enjoy the game by his/her own!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

Dressing-up Games

Girls love dressing up, be it toddlers or Grownups. So if you are planning to give your Girl kid Something girly, then a set of dressing-up games can keep her busy for quite some time. The group will have great artistic dressing-up tools with which your Kid will build up things she imagines in her brains!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-


In today’s generation of kids, we have noticed that they are great observers, and when it comes to nature, they have that extra hinge of curiosity building in them seeing the Butterflies or the Birds. So such curious kids, a binocular can make you the star of his/her mind.

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

Digital Camera

Cameras are another thing the world is obsessed with right now. But what if your Kid wants to be a Photographer one day? If you have seen his/her curiosity in that field, that let him/her go in whatever field he/she loves. Gift him/her a Digital camera to click pictures and capture moments of his/her life.

Starting Price: Rs.4500/-

Bugs in the Kitchen

Family time is essential for all people, and especially when it comes to kids, the family makes them understand the views and ethics of life. You can have a great family game session with your Kid. Gift him/her “a Bugs in the Kitchen” Board game and see how he wants to play that game with his/her family!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-


Cool Kids love Scooters, and they love it most when they can use the scooter to meet their friends and show it off. Being a person close to him/her, gifting a Scooter will make his day for sure.

Starting Price: Rs.2500/-

Personalized Microphone

Singing and being famous is the dream of most of the kids these days. Why not gift him/her a Personalized microphone just for him/her. He/She can sing, talk and do whatever he/she wants to with it! Keep that choice on them!

Starting Price: Rs.1000/-

Interactive Constellation and World Globe

Space is a vast universe, and so in the minds of kids. Some kids are obsessed with Space and air crafts going to Space. Why not gift them an Interactive Constellation and World Globe? This can become the perfect gift for that Kid, and he/she can continue dreaming big!

Starting Price: Rs.500/-

So these were some amazing gifting ideas for all generations in a go! Gifting considers a wide variety of things and substances, and that’s why we are here for your assistance. Helping you with the correct amount of ideas and then again keeping your budget in place, we are happy to help you more in a straightforward way.

Always remember gifting is a piece of art and that you are gifting someone close to you because you care about him/her. Don’t give anything and everything that comes to your mind. We have often noticed that people consider that rather than surfing the internet to find the best gift for a person, let’s give him/her the money so that he/she can buy Something on his/her own. This doesn’t call for Ethics. Gifting is an art, and we know you love giving things to your loved ones. It’s just that you get lost to what to gift? For that, we are here! Until we come back with more on this, you can keep your mind sorted and your heads fresh! Happy Gifting, People!

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