High-End Luxury Gifts for Kids

High-End Luxury Gifts for Kids

Gifting is all about love and care. I feel when we go on gifting something to our Dear ones we always feel that this is the thing they will love and this is the thing they need. At when you are choosing Gifts for Children it becomes a very hard task to choose the correct gift for them. Children are very Moody and will tell you if they like their gift or not on your Face and that is an Issue! That’s why we always try to gift kids they just can’t say No to! We all love the Children of our Home, they are the small boxes of Joy that keep us happy and blessed. The most Naughty yet the most loved members of our Family finally deserve some Luxury gifts. Although they do not have any idea how much anything in the world costs, but it’s your Love and Care that comes out from these gifts for sure. So once you gift them that joy they will start enjoying it as much as you want them to do.
Here we curated a large number of kids that are designed only for the Juniors of our House. We have kept in mind what they love and what will amaze them. So if you are confused about what to gift your Children then we have you rescued. Go through the list below and choose whichever gift you think suits perfectly for your Kid.

Gold Chain:

Gold is a Thing which is Loved by all. Yes, we do realize that your kid won’t get the value of it right away but you must gift them things that they can retrospect afterward in life. SO if you are thinking long-term then a Gold Chain can be the most suitable gift for your child. Gift this and tell that it’s the Key to Bond between you two and trust me they will never lose it.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.tanishq.co.in/shop/kids
Price: 50000/- Onward


Going out in the Open is what every Kid loves. But when it is on their Mommy’s or Pappa’s Lap that isn’t something they like very much. SO gift your child a Crib where they can enjoy the World and venture all of it through their Small little eyes. They feel more comfortable and happy in a Cribe than anything in the World. So this is a perfect gift for them.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in
Price: 65000/- Onward

Riding Car:

Cars are Children’s, first love. Many children make it a point to drive a car once they are older. Why wait for so long? Instead, tell him/her that he/she can do it right away. You can gift them a riding car and hand over the keys to them. Let them ride the car of their dreams. Also, this can be the best gift and they will love it. So don’t keep any doubt in your head and go for this grand car now.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.littleshop.in/product/toy-house-classic-rolls-royce-vintage-metallic-battery-operated-ride-on-car-maroon/
Price: 35000/- Onward

Diamond Bangle:

Be it Newborns or Toddlers a Diamond Bangle can be a wonderful gift for him/her. These are Unisex Bangles that don’t have any gender barriers and can be worn by anyone and everyone. If it’s your Kid’s Rice Ceremony or Birthday you can easily gift him/her this very good-looking and ravishing bangle and he/she will look so cute and adorable that you will cuddle him/her. Go for this Gift and make a memory worth remembering.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.kalyanjewellers.net/categories/For-Kids/Bangles.php
Price: 70000/- Onward

Bed with Mattress:

There is one point in life when we all give our Children a specific room for His/Her privacy and that’s when we require a Bed with Mattress. SO if you think that the time is right for him/Her then don’t go for the awkward things like moving things to a new room but gift him/her a Bed with Mattress and tell Him/her that it is his/her life and you are giving the whole freedom to him/her to live it exactly how he/she wants to live it. This will look very upfront and steady and won’t incur any emotional backdrops. So gift this Bed with Mattress and tell your child to make a Life he/she will love to live in.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.insaraf.com/products/solid-wood-poster-bed-imperia
Price: 54000/- Onward

Emerald Crown:

A Crown is given to a Princess or a Queen, but your Girl is your Queen right? So If it’s her birthday or any occasion you can gift her this Emerald Crown which is very prestigious and very unique. She will remember the gift for the rest of her life and that you made an effort to make sure she remains the Queen of her and your Life forever is what she will be happy about. SO don’t go for the same old gifts and buy her this and make her wear it on the Occasions. She will look so pretty and dreamy that you won’t be able to hold on to your Tears for sure!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.amazon.in/Pageant-Beauty-Contest-Bridal-Wedding/dp/B016PCK9WA
Price: 75000/- Onward

Electric Bicycle:

Learning life Skills like Cycling, Swimming, Cooking is a very important part of our Life. If your child is in the growing stage then gift him/her an Electric bicycle. He/She will learn the skill and also make new friends and roam around streets, go to the market and buy something and can do the small things. Later in life knowing Cycling is very important no doubt. So before it is too late and your child doesn’t want to learn it anymore here’s your chance to gift and turn the table and make sure He/She is Learning things on His/Her own.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.choosemybicycle.com/en/bicycles/svitch-xe-plus
Price: 130000/-

Gold Plate and Glass Set:

Gold Plate and Bowl Set with Glass is a very common Rice Ceremony Gift that we see in India. So if you are invited to a Rice Ceremony then this can be the perfect gift for the child. Else as a parent to you can gift this set to your Child to make sure he/she has an asset for the rest of his/her life. He/She can show and pass it to his/her children and so on. So this a traditional and thoughtful gift for sure.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.vaibhavjewellers.com/gold-jewellery/kids/accessories.html
Price: 80000/- Onward

Indoor Home Gym:

Children should be trained from Childhood to take of their health and to be active. Now you just can’t keep on scolding them day in and out to play and e active. Where will they go? Everything is closed, No Parks no Playgrounds then where should they play? We’ve got an answer. You have to take the utmost initiative to make your child Active even at home. You can buy Him/Her this Indoor Home Gym which will make them play, fall, and again rise to an active and healthy lifestyle. SO if you are a worried parent then this is your Key to make things happen.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/catalog/product/view/id/11062057/s/childrens-factory-highlands-climber-indoor-playground-for-children-a
Price: 98000/- Onward

Bouncer with Swing in a Pram:

We are talking about Kids and how can we miss our Smallest ones? They are also important, right? If you have a very small member then a Pram which has Bouncers and Swing can amaze her a lot. Yes for sure she can’t say Thank You but she will surely thank you once she grows up. For keeping your baby entertained and happy these are the small details you need to keep in mind. Incorporate many Stars and moons on the Pram so that they don’t feel bored. They will have a day full of happiness and enthusiasm. They won’t cry very often and if you notice from behind you will see him/her playing with the Stars and Moons having a great time chasing them. This is a great gift and you should give it a try.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/search/index/view/product/B00H8MSC0S/s/graco-duetconnect-lx-baby-swing-and-bouncer-manor/store/store
Price: 60000/- Onward

Ruby Earring:

Girls have a lot of things for them to gift. Like for example, these exquisite Ruby Earrings are great for any Girl. She can wear it till she turns 100years of Old. These earrings are great for your Kid. The Price is well explainable for the Gem used. Earing is an asset for your Child. SO gifting one to her won’t make this a temporary thing. So this is a perfect gift for your child and you can go for this without having to think much about it.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.bluestone.com/jewellery/ruby-earrings.html
Price: 62000/- Onward

UGG Ankle Boot:

The UGG Ankle Boot is perfect for all Girl Kids we have in our House. The texture and the warmth this boot provides are not comparable with any Ankle boot available in the market. Easy to slip into and very comfortable you just don’t have to think about your kid’s Foot anymore. It will make all the processes to keep your Kid’s Foot warm and cozy in Winters. So without wasting any more time, gift one to her Today. You would never regret this decision of yours and always Thank us!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/search/index/view/product/B07NCCHLMT/s/ugg-kids-bixbee-ankle-boot/store/store
Price: 50000/- Onward


Children are attracted to Swings like Iron is attracted to Magnets. Yes! Whenever you go to a Playground your kid will never get off the Swing, that’s because they love it. Now since we all are are Home and going to the Playground is not Possible why not bring the P=Favourite Playground Thing Swing in our Balcony or Garden? Never thought of this right? Well, we are telling you to gift a brand new Swing set up and do all the needful and equip it in the Garden for your child. Gift him/Her the Swing in a full ready condition In this way, he/she will not disturb you to go to the park every day and he/she will not miss out on his/her Swing. So gift it without any further ado.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/baby-toddler/sports-outdoor-play/swing-sets/id-7427916011/category-list-view/
Price: 70000/- Onward

Baby Body Suit:

There are a variety of Bodysuits available in the Market but if Designer clothes are what you are aiming for then these Body Suits for your Child are perfect. Smooth, Soft, and very good Texture no one has ever complained of any bad reviews of these bodysuits. The Bodysuit is great for your Kid. Once he/she grows up he/she will thank you for gifting such a cool and well-managed Bodysuit. Also, you can help him/her wear this and he/she will be happy wearing it. The Cloth is made out of pure Cotton Threads so that it keeps total care of your Baby.
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/search/index/view/product/B07GG5GHDC/s/unisex-baby-8-pack-short-sleeve-onesies-bodysuits/store/store
Price: 40000/- Onward

Gold Anklet:

Children and Anklets are very Popular in India. Once a child is born their Parents first gifts them a Gold Ankle to protect the Baby from bad visions and people. It’s like an Etiquette. SO if you have a new Born in your House then this Gold Anklet will be the best gift for him/her. It can be worn by any gender. But if your Kid is a little big than a Baby then don’t fear even She can wear it without any problem. There is a saying in ancient Vedas that if you keep at least one Metal on your Child’s body it helps him/her fight against evil. This keeps the Child Healthy and that’s why you shouldn’t think twice and gift it!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.josalukkasonline.com/gold/anklets?m=27
Price: 61000/- Onward

Fairy Frock:

You may be a little Shocked that a Fairy Frock for a Kid costs so much? Then my answer would be yes. If you are going for great Brands like Gucci, Ginni, and Jony, United Colors of Benetton, Little Kangaroos, Babyhug, etc then this Fairy Dress is nothing. One thing we can assure you is that the Texture and the Cloth used will make your child look like a Fairy Princess. She will look stunning and she is bound to catch everyone’s attention with this Frock of hers. So if it’s a Birthday or Rice Ceremony or something related to her then this would be an excellent choice for Her. You can go for this!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ubuy.co.in/search/index/view/product/B07ZTMBL8Y/s/newborn-toddler-baby-girls-my-1st-christmas-outfits-long-sleeve-romper-tutu-skirt-bow-sequins-headband-leg-warmer-clothing-set-of-4pcs/store/store
Price: 50000/- Onward


We always sort out Bike as a Male Toy for kids. But Guess what? Not anymore. It’s the 21st century, women are no less than men. So if you have a small Baby Boy or Baby Girl to both of them a Bike can be a perfect gift. The Bike is automated but your Child will love the Toy as He/She can ride on it and make a Bike tour inside the home. If you have time even you can do some Biking with them. They will love your Company with their new Friend. In this way, you will not only give your Child a companion but a very good Gift no doubt!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.ebabykart.com/buy/atv-beach-bike-24v-for-kids-buggy-made-in-spain?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7pKFBhDUARIsAFUoMDZFFSQi4RvUAsDDiyfmVb3_jj8So2fpIjkbyRFig3-MSLx3U0sLCFUaAoqIEALw_wcB
Price: 78000/- Onward


Making Children understand the need to Know ceratin skills and keeping a good Hobby is our Job. We should always push our Kids towards things they should know about. If you agree and you are a Musical Parent then a Piano can be the Best Gift for your Kid. Once He/She starts learning the skill to play Piano and ultimately be a Master at it, once they grow up they will Thank you for introducing them to an Art that doesn’t hold you behind. It’s the Music that sets you free in Happiness and Sadness. So go gift your Child a Piano and tell him/her how to play it and make them love it from the beginning!
Where Can you Find It: https://www.bajaao.com/pages/findify-search-results?q=piano%2088%20key
Price: 72000/- Onward


Children are very important and innocent parts of our Lives. If you have a kid in your life, you are so lucky and so privileged that you got an Angel in your Baby. Manier times in life we forget about this angel and spend most of our time outside keeping our Child to a Nanny or our Parents. But it’s a request please don’t do it. He/She is a gift you have to enjoy with them and nobody else. They are innocent and small so they don’t have any voice to tell you that they want to spend most of your time with you. Because they love you and they have seen you and have no one else to them. Make sure you spend as much time as you can, from playing to talking to smiling to watching Television. It is upon us how we want our child to be. A plant if nurtured properly from the Beginning will never become a bad tree, will never take ad trees with them. So it is your responsibility to make your Child a person to look up to. Until we come back with more gifting ideas you can keep loving and sharing gifting ideas with us. Wear a Mask, Stay at Home, Maintain Social Distancing and use Sanitizer. Keep care of yourself and your Dear ones!

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